The Saugeen Team is excited to announce a new blog series for 2019! We are going to feature one Frequently Asked Question per week for all of 2019!

You know, quite often, we encounter the same questions over and over from Buyers and Sellers. It is our mission to make sure that our Client’s and our soon -to-be-Client’s are fully informed. Education is incredibly important to us. So much so, that Educating Our Clients is one of our business’s Core Values.

Each week we will answer a question that is frequently asked of us during our regular business. Some answers will be more complicated than others. Some questions will require expert advice and we are prepared to bring the experts in to help you.

We are excited to share our collective 45+ years of knowledge and experience with you. We hope you’ll watch all our episodes!

If you have a real estate question that you’re dying to ask, email us at and we will feature your question in the coming weeks.

See you soon!

Written By Samantha Trumbley, Sales Representative and Featuring Samantha Trumbley & Terina Wnuk, Sales Representative.