We are pleased to introduce our new Team Assistant Lauren McCallum!

Lauren is the first voice and face of our Team and she is one of a kind! Lauren began working as the Team Assistant in March of 2020 and despite COVID19, has been a major asset for us. Her previous experience working in marketing and public relations has given her a unique and fun perspective to bring to the Saugeen Team.

What does our Team Assistant do?

-Front of house – she’s the first person you talk to and the first person to greet you when you walk in our door.

-Keeps our paperwork in order – There is a lot of paperwork involved in real estate transactions (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). We are continually striving for paperless, but all those documents, physical and electronic must be handled and reported. Lauren processes all our paperwork and keeps us on track.

-Sets up Showings, Organizes Events – When you are our Seller Client, Lauren will be the person that will call you to set up showings. Lauren is also our in-house event organizer. She organizes our open houses, community events and our team events.

-Photo Enhancements – Lauren will take our photos and digitally enhance them to make them clearer and brighter to highlight your listing. Lauren also creates beautiful virtual tours.

-Social Media – Social media for a real estate team is a big job. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. requires constant updating. Much of Lauren’s day involves social media marketing.

-Making Us Even Better – Lauren is always researching new ways to advertise, coming up with new ideas to make the Saugeen Team stand apart and has a vested interest in making us all better as teammates and as individuals.

Admittedly, this is a very short list of the many tasks that our new Team Assistant Lauren will perform on a daily basis. It would take us all day to tell you about her contributions to the Team. We are pleased to have her here!

Welcome to the Saugeen Team Lauren!