On this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, the question is “Can I AirBnB my Cottage?”

AirBnB has become a very popular way to rent out homes and cottages around the world. In Saugeen Shores alone there are well over 70 rental cottages listed. Yes, I counted! And that doesn’t include rentals through property management companies or even kijiji.

Renting out your home or cottage when you are not there is an excellent way to generate extra income. We are fortunate to live in this beautiful tourist area that has sandy beaches, shops, restaraunts and scenery forever. This area is a very popular tourist destination and growing every summer thanks to our tourist initiatives.

So of course you’re wondering if your cottage can be rented out when you’re not there.

Here is your answer: If you own a freehold home or cottage anywhere in Grey and Bruce Counties, yes, you can rent it out via AirBnb or a property management company or other ways.

There are exceptions. The exceptions are, some condominium buildings. Check your condo board rules and regulations before you decide to rent out your condo. The other exception is Native Leased Land Cottages. If you own a leased land cottage on Native Lands (i.e, Saugeen Indian Reserve #29 or Chief’s Point Indian Reserve #28), your lease does not allow you to rent your cottage out to the public.

I hope this helps!

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Written by and featuring Samantha Trumbley, Sales Representative

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