On this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, the question is “What exactly is Native Lease Land?”

The Saugeen Indian Reserve #29 and the federal government own the land from approximately Southampton to Sauble Beach and they lease the land out to the public for recreational cottages. The cottagers own their physical cottage structure, but not the property itself. The land is leased to the cottager from the Band.

The cottages are not for permanent residence. Owners have unlimited use of their cottage from May to October and are permitted 10 days a month to occupy the premises in the offseason from November through April.

We would suggest you speak with your bank or mortgage broker to look into financing options for leased land cottage purchases, as a mortgage cannot be secured to the property.

Municipal taxes do not apply, but rather a lease fee and a service fee. The Saugeen Indian Reserve #29 lease fees vary depending on the location of the cottage within the reserve and proximity to Lake Huron. The current lease is in effect until 2021.

Please contact us for specific lease rates for cottage properties on Saugeen Indian Reserve #29 and for any additional information.

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Written by and featuring Terina Wnuk, Sales Representative.

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